The more information you provide completing the online Quote Request Form you will see that once you click on the “PROCEED BUTTON” the closer to an actual quote number you will receive. Once you submit the information you will have a general quote amount.  However, it may not be close to the final number you could end up with. Following your submission, you will be contacted by one of our staff licensed professionals who will, if needed, collect a bit more information to tailor your coverage and premium more closely to your needs.  Insurance coverage is a balance between protecting your assets and the price of the premium.  Risk management is what a licensed insurance agent will provide.  It is our job to assist you in avoiding problems when you have a problem, such as an accident, catastrophic weather, or other sudden liability or damage you may incur. Bankruptcy courts are full of fillings by those who have a problem and don’t have the right coverage. Trust your ADC Agency Licensed Insurance Professional to assist you in managing your risks by locating the RIGHT COMPANY, WITH THE RIGHT COVERAGE, AT THE RIGHT PRICE, for you.

The information you provide for this online quote, in most cases, may not be enough to get an accurate quote.  Thus, there may be additional information required to obtain an accurate premium price. It is our goal to provide you with the best service, the right coverage, from the right insurance company, at the right price. Thus, a simple online estimate will not be the final premium due to limitations of online quoting systems to obtain all the information necessary for an accurate and final price. The process of entering the information needed for a preliminary quote estimate should only take 3 or 4 minutes for an auto quote and about 10 to 15 for a home and auto quote estimate, depending on the number of autos and other factors needed by the system.   

Step 1: Complete the application just a few minutes.

Step 2: Receive your premium estimate.

Step 3: The following day contact us or wait for us to contact you.

Step 4: Once you are in contact with your licensed insurance professional, provide any additional information needed.

Step 5: Wait for your ADC Agency licensed professional to complete the application with selected insurance companies. The licensed professional will evaluate the offers from several insurance companies, matching their offers to your stated needs. You will receive a phone call from us and an email with the final quote information.

Step 6: Once you accept the offer you will need a credit card or bank transit and routing number, the name of your bank and your account number. Many insurance companies will accept a credit card for the first payment then bank account EFT for the monthly payments. All will accept a credit card for a single full payment.

Step 7: Your ADC Agency licensed professional will send you by email your ID cards and Declaration page for each policy you have acquired. It is important that you keep these records in a safe place.

The ADC Agency becomes your insurance agency and advisors.  Your policies will be revisited each year to determine changes that may change your policy and price, in most cases lowering your premium.

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