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Help you avoid problems when you have a problem.

American Development Communities, Inc.  ©  All Rights Reversed


American Development Communities, Inc. Is a real estate brokerage and insurance agency.  Formed in 1992 from a family owned and operated real estate and construction company, ADC Agency is well situated in the business of providing families and businesses with professional risk management assistance, asset protection and structuring. We are in the business of serving our clients and the community with the best protection and service possible.  It is our job to help you avoid problems, when you have  a problem.


Avoiding problems when you experience an  unexpected accident, catastrophe, you can rest assured  your Professional ,ADC Agent, has provided you with the protection you deserve.

Highly trained, licensed, professionals work to assist you in tailoring your protection, to suit your needs.  Then reviewing your protection package annually, with you, to provide you with the best protection possible.  Having a problem, then discovering a known issue wasn’t covered is not a good outcome. Our job is to help you avoid problems, when you have a problem.

Our Professionals will consult with you to determine the best solution to cover your needs.  You may be provided with several options.  ADC does not represent just one or any particular carrier.  ADC Agency is an Independent Agency and has many carriers to select from.  ADC’s Professionals help you select the carriers that best address your needs.  For example you may desire a carrier that provides, home systems protection.  That is easy for our team.